For any occation you can use to send flowers to anyone in Norway.

About Interflora

Interflora - the world's largest and oldest flowers organization founded in 1908.

Over 55,000 florists in approx. 140 countries are ready to deliver your flowergreeting. We ship approx. 32 million flowers greetings every year. In other words, every second year we deliver a flowergreeting somewhere in the world.

In Norway Interflora consists of about 375 florists. We are a member of Interflora Inc., the world's largest flower vendors. Interflora is owned by the florists themselves, and that means they decide how the organization will operate.

Administration and service office Interflora Norway SA is located at Billingstadsletta in Asker. Our address is:

Interflora Norway SA
Billingstadsletta 13
1396 Billingstadsletta
Phone: 66 85 75 00
Fax: 66 85 75 75

Interflora works with Norwegian Florist Association on the development of floral art. As a florist is not only the craft that matters, but also being able to run a business in a prudent manner, economic, marketing and management. Together, NBF and Interflora therefore developed a range of courses and training programs for the members.